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MVP Basketball Hoop


The original goal in the Goalsetter line-up, the Goalsetter MVP stands alone. The MVP’s standard regulation size Tempered GLASS 42 x 72 Competition backboard, 6 square off-set pole and spacious 4′ regulation play area make the MVP your choice for serious driveway play. Distinctive design and astonishing performance leave no doubt – the MVP is for people of all ages with a real passion for the game of basketball.

  • External Tension Height Adjustment Mechanism
  • 36″ x 54″ x 3/8″ Fully-Tempered Glass, Steel-Framed Backboard
  • 3′ Extension from Pole to Backboard
  • 5″ Square Straight Pole Design
  • Adjustable from 6’8″ to 10′
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Residential Only)

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