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ASLA “Landscape Architecture Trends” Survey 2014

ASLA “Landscape Architecture Trends” Survey 2014

ASLA “Landscape Architecture Trends” Survey 2014

Each year, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) conducts the Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey in which 179 landscape architects, who specialize in residential design, rate the expected popularity of various outdoor design elements. For 2014, the “Gardens/Landscaped Spaces” category came in at the top, with 94.2% rating it as somewhat or very popular. “Outdoor Living Spaces” (kitchens and entertainment areas) came in at a close second at 92%. In a distant but respectable 3rd place, “Outdoor Recreation” areas (pools, basketball courts, spas, etc.) came in at 75.8%. Sustainable design practices were generally favored as 72.4% of respondents considered it to be somewhat or very popular.

Individual components contained within each style of outdoor living spaces were also rated. Almost all professionals, 98.3%, consider outdoor lighting to be popular or somewhat popular. Seating/dining areas, fire pits/fireplaces, and grills all came in at well over 90% (97.7%, 95.4%, and 94.3% respectively). Installed seating, including benches, seatwalls, boulders, etc. was also extremely popular, totaling 89.6%.
Regarding outdoor landscape structures, paver patios are viewed as very important to landscape architects, rated as very popular or somewhat popular by 97.7%. Pergolas and decks are also viewed as popular, coming in at 82.8% and 82.3% respectively.

While trends set by homeowners tend to focus on low-maintenance or environmentally sustainable features, spas, swimming pools, and vegetable/fruit gardens continue to be somewhat popular, totaling 76.4%, 73.8%, and 72.4% respectively. A few of the least popular features include outdoor bedrooms/sleeping areas (14.9%), hammocks (34.1%), and outdoor theatres (42.3%).

To view the results of the entire survey, visit the ASLA website here.

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