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Techo-Bloc Pavers

Vallagio Pavers

Villagio Collection

Founded in 1642, Montreal is one of North America's oldest cities. The centuries-old streets of its bustling historic quarter, with their timeless charm, provided the inspiration for our Villagio pavers, equally charming and durable.

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Victorien Pavers


Victorien is a structured paving stone with even edges that imitates true brick yet is more durable and much easier to install. Use Victorien pavers for ordered walkways and patios where precise, straight lines are desired.

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San Marino Pavers

San Marino

Rich texture gives SAN MARINO its old-world character and timeless appeal. Two available widths can be combined for a natural, random pattern. Alternately, for the more orderly, linear effect shown here, install SAN MARINO in single-width lengths.

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Rotondo Pavers


The innovative, wedged shapes of Rotondo paving stones make it simple and easy to create rounded and circular patterns. Rotondo pavers are ideal for developing focal points in tranquil sitting areas like patios or poolsides.

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Parisien Pavers


The slightly rounded edges and smooth surface resemble the historical streets of Paris. The Parisien paver also offers versatility, providing the choice of a square or rectangular shape or combination of the two. This flexibility allows you to create your own unique Parisian-style terrace or courtyard.

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Mista Pavers

Mista Collection

The Mista embraces avant-garde culture by combining rugged and natural-looking textures onto units of various dimensions. Through crisp lines and strong textures the Mista is a long way from your traditional paver.

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Linea Pavers


This versatile new paving stone is available in three lengths and two widths. Install a single width to achieve a sleek, linear look, or combine both for a more traditional random pattern. LINEA’s crisp lines and clean look can direct the eye to a focal point, be it a grand entrance, a patio or an outdoor kitchen.

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Flagstone Pavers


The Flagstone paver is a mosaic of carefully sculpted stone which appears to be the work of a highly skilled stonework mason. In reality each unit is identical in shape and easily installed.

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Hera Pavers


Install Hera Square and Hera Rectangle individually or combine the shapes, depending upon the appearance wanted. An elegant, economical paving stone that adds value to your landscape in whatever pattern you choose.

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Elena Pavers


A magnificent modular marvel. Elena's variety of shapes allows the creation of specific geometric patterns or lets random configurations appear on their own. Elena is one of Techo-Bloc's most popular paving stones, with the versatility to allow the creation of your own signature design.

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Blu 80 Pavers

Blu 80

You can hear the echo of the craftsman’s tools in the honest lines and rugged texture of Blu. Its simple elegance is both classic and contemporary, the look modern, yet eternal. Vibrant color blends add to the opulence, borrowing from the rarest of natural stones. This is luxury. This is Blu.

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Athena's five differently sized stones promote a creative installation in a succession of random patterns. Athena is available in different colors to coordinate with both your home and other aspects of your hardscape.

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