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Techo-Bloc Slabs

Travertina Slabs


TRAVERTINA has the elegant allure and subtle matte finish of the honed Travertine limestone used in the great masterpieces of Italian architecture. Modern, polished and sophisticated – wherever and however it is used – the TRAVERTINA slab brings luxury above all.

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Royal Slabs


Techo-Bloc's Royale is available in two distinct sizes for greater versatility. Available sizes: 12''x12'' and 12''x24''.

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Monticello Slabs


Like the sun-warmed limestone of southern Tuscany, Monticello’s rich colours are rendered still more dramatic by its distinctive, undulating surface texture. Deeply chiseled edges speak of strength and endurance, underscoring the timeless grandeur of these impressive slabs.

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Inca slabs


Inca slabs from Techo-Bloc impart your landscape with the beauty and mystery of an ancient South American temple. An eye-catching stone ideal for the creation of imposing walkways, side paths, patios, and poolsides. Inca blends well with any landscape design.

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Blu 60 Slabs

Blu 60 Collection

You can hear the echo of the craftsman’s tools in the honest lines and rugged texture of Blu. Its simple elegance is both classic and contemporary, the look modern, yet eternal. Vibrant color blends add to the opulence...

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Aberdeen Slabs


From its craggy peaks to its deep lochs, Scotland was carved and sculpted by time, over billions of years. Its dramatic lines and rugged beauty can be had today in our Aberdeen.

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