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Site Preparation When Using Polymeric Sand

Site Preparation When Using Polymeric Sand

Why is site preparation so important when using polymeric sand?

New Installations

On a new installation, after you have removed all excess materials and dirt from the surface you need to be aware of what may have found its way into the spaces between the pavers. Walk the area inspecting the joints looking for and removing dirt, sand, pebbles, debris and worst of all, cutting dust. All of these things can prevent the polymeric sand from adhering to the sides of the pavers or can create voids in the joint, resulting in challenges for the polymeric sand to perform properly. In some instances, where a lot of dry cutting was involved or natural stone materials were used, it is good practice to clean the surface with water and possibly a general cleaner or efflorescence remover 24 hours prior to installation of the polymeric sand. This will help to remove any loose material that could prohibit the polymeric sand adhesion to the sides of the pavers. Be sure to test any and all cleaners on a small area before using on the entire surface. Allow the pavers to dry for at least 24 hours prior to installing polymeric sand and make sure there is no rain in the forecast for at least12 hours post installation. Keep traffic off of surface while drying to allow the polymeric sand ideal conditions for set up.

Existing Installations

On an existing project, topping the joints off with polymeric sand is not recommended. There needs to be a complete fill of polymeric sand the entire depth of the joint to promote longevity and help prevent weed and insect infestation. Prior to the installation of new polymeric sand, you will need to remove any old joint sand or polymeric sand from the joints with a pressure washer. If removing polymeric sand, a hot water pressure washer will help to soften up the binders in the sand. Any tough to remove hardened areas, may require mechanical means to clean the joint. Take caution with natural stone or thin style pavers and be sure to avoid disturbance of the bedding sand underneath. After removing all the old joint sand, use a general cleaner to clean the pavers. Allow the pavers to dry for at least 24 hours prior to installing polymeric sand and make sure there is no rain in the forecast for at least 12 hours post installation.

Once you are ready to install polymeric joint sand to your project make sure to follow the manufacturers installation instructions.

This process may be tedious and time consuming upfront but will help to give years of low maintenance and enjoyment.

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