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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Mosquitoes

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Mosquitoes

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Mosquitoes

1. Know What Plants to Grow

Rosemary – contains compounds with insect-repellent activities; primarily camphor and borneol.

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) – According to some studies, catnip extracts may be even more powerful than DEET when it comes to repelling mosquitoes. In one study, catnip extracts were shown to be about ten times more powerful than DEET. If grown in a cat-owner’s garden, catnip should be grown away from other plants as cats may roll around in it, damaging nearby plants.

Tansies – can also be used in companion planting as pest control in organic gardens. One study found it to reduce the population of the Colorado potato beetle by 60-100% when planted alongside potatoes. In England, tansies are often placed on windowsills to repel flies. Though it is not as effective as DEET, the essential oil of the tansy mixed with alcohol was a commonly-used mosquito repellent in the 1940s. One study, performed in Sweden in 2008, investigated the use of tansies to repel ticks and showed a 64-72% repellency. While tansies shouldn’t be applied directly to the skin, ingesting a tea made from the tansy is a reliable way to rid oneself of internal parasites.

Agastache Cana – One of several plants known as the Mosquito Plant. Also known as the Texas Hummingbird Mint (for its quality of attracting hummingbirds), and Double Bubble Mint (for its strong mint-like flavor). The leaves and the dried petals can be used in a tea. To use as a mosquito repellent, the plant needs to be crushed and thrown into the yard. It can also be rubbed directly onto surfaces or the skin.

Chrysanthemums – A class of chemical contained in the flowers attack the nervous system of virtually all insects and inhibits female mosquitoes from biting. This class of chemicals have a repellent effect on insects in sub-lethal doses.

Citronella – Also known as “mosquito plant” or the invalid name “Pelargonium citrosum”. It is a mild mosquito repellent due to its lemon-like scent.

2. Apply Topical Repellent

DEET – the most common and reliable insect repellent today and is found in products such as “OFF!” While DEET is considered to be relatively safe, manufacturers generally recommend against putting it directly on skin. Typically, it is recommended for use on clothing, and the clothing is to be washed when the repellent activity is no longer needed.

Catnip Essential Oil – Some studies have found this to be more effective than DEET. Other studies found it to be less effective than DEET, but much more effective than other topical mosquito repellents.

Rosemary Essential Oil – While less effective than DEET, some studies have found 10-20% rosemary essential oil solutions outperform other natural repellents, offering around 3-5 hours of protection.

Tiger Balm – Contains mild mosquito repellents such as camphor, menthol, mint oil, and clove oil.

Vicks VapoRub – Contains mild mosquito repellents such as eucalyptus oil (1.2%), camphor (4%), menthol (2.6%), and cedar leaf oil.

3. Alter Your Lifestyle

If you grill often or you have a fire pit, try burning some sage or rosemary. The smoke will help repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes also hate strong winds, so fans will deter them from landing long enough to extract a meal. For some reason, drinking beer seems to act as a strong attractant to mosquitoes, but the reason remains unclear. Wearing dark colored clothing seems to attract mosquitoes, especially dark blue, green, and black.

4. Destroy the Mosquitoes’ Habitat

Get rid of any standing water around the home. Common areas that collect water are old tires, buckets, water dishes for pets, wheelbarrows, rain gutters, and tarps covering objects around the yard (outdoor furniture, swimming pools, lawnmowers, etc). High grass or overgrown weedy areas also provide cool areas for mosquitoes to linger in.

5. Contact Mosquito Squad

mosquito squad with kids and petsMosquito Squad will eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes and ticks from your home or business using either the standard spray or the all-natural botanical repellent. A single-application event-spray is available for scenarios such as parties or weddings, but a subscription service is also available if a mosquito and tick-free environment for the entire season is ideal. The product is 100% safe for children and pets. While the odor will repel mosquitoes and ticks, it will certainly not repel you or your guests. Mosquito Squad offers free advice, consultations, and estimates with absolutely zero obligation whatsoever. For more information on how Mosquito Squad can help you, visit

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