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5 Reasons To Get a Building Permit Before Your Next Renovation

5 Reasons To Get a Building Permit Before Your Next Renovation

5 Reasons to Get a Building Permit Before Your Next Renovation

Obtaining a permit is very simple. Just call your city or town building department or check your town’s website. If you aren’t sure who to call, contact your county’s governing body and ask them who you should talk to. You may need to provide the code enforcement officer with at least a hand-drawn sketch that is detailed enough to show basic measurements and the basic technique you’ll be using to remodel your home or building, but depending on the situation you may not be required to provide a detailed architecture drawing that is to scale. At Patio Supply, we’re knowledgeable about laws regarding building code and can answer any questions you may have or even help you obtain your permit. While you may not technically need a permit for every renovation, in many cases it is legally required. However, the benefit of obtaining a permit extends far beyond making the project technically legal.

1. It will keep you safe from unscrupulous contractors who cut corners. You get “free” inspections of the work the contractor does (inspections don’t cost an additional fee as they’ve been paid for with the permit fee). As mistakes can be caught before they happen, this can easily save time and money.

2. Any potential shortcuts and safety issues will be identified.

3. You can have questions answered by the code enforcement officer instead of being forced to hire a contractor or consultant. For example, what is the minimum depth of a stair tread, or what is the minimum size of an egress window?

4. Oftentimes, property insurers will flat out refuse to cover damages caused by work done without permits and inspections. If a misfortune occurs while your home or building is under construction (for example, a malfunction causes a fire while a contractor is working on your electrical infrastructure), it will be much easier to claim insurance.

5. Getting a permit will make selling the property easier. It’s common for owners to be required to disclose all improvements made to the property and whether or not permits and inspections are obtained. Many financial institutions will refuse to finance a purchase without proof of a final inspection. After the inspection, you may be required to tear down certain additions or carry out costly repairs.

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