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Hardscape Trends in 2014

Hardscape Trends in 2014

What Trends in Hardscape Design will you see in 2014?

If you’re considering a paver project, check out today’s trends in hardscape design below for project inspiration and to help you stay in the know for cutting edge paver fashions.

Large piece paver patterns

We’re seeing a trend towards grander scale pavers and slabs such as the Lafitt™ Patio Slab, Blu60™ Patio Slab, and Travertina™ Patio Slab which we introduced last year. Slabs create a more contemporary look and feel, which is increasing in demand, and they tend to install quicker giving homeowners their dream patio in less time. Expect to see more large pavers and slabs introduced and installed in 2014. These larger paver systems mimic the look and feel of indoor tile, giving a whole new meaning to the term “outdoor living”.  Although these new paver slabs are more expensive than the traditional 4″ x 8″ pavers, customers are willing to spend extra in order to achieve the streamline look they give.  Couple things to keep in mind about the new paver slabs from Techo-Bloc and Belgard:  Unless these products are 80mm thick (which Blu60™ offers) they are not rated for vehicular traffic, most products are packaged as a 3 pc modular pattern that offers limitations on paver patterns, and large paver systems tend to look the best for areas over 500 sqft.

Outdoor Bars

We have had an increase in requests for outdoor bar areas (not built in kitchens) for food preparation and entertaining.  Not everyone can afford the expensive outdoor kitchen accessories (i.e. Grill, Drawers, Fridge, etc) but still want the counter space to be able to have a buffet style dining experience.  An outdoor kitchen can cost in the range of $7,000-$20,000, however an outdoor bar can be achieved with a range between $3,500-$7,000.  expect to see more of these bars in hardscape designs in the future.


Fire Elements

There also is a continuing trend to incorporate fire into outdoor patios through Fire Pits, Pizza Ovens and Fireplaces. Adding a fire element extends your outdoor season allowing you to stay warm through chilly evenings. Not only do fire features provide warmth and the perfect spot for making s’mores, they look beautiful and light up the night.  Most importantly Belgard Hardscapes has made it really easy to incorporate fire into a hardscape design with their Elements Collection.  These pre-built units come ready to assemble in 2-4 pcs installing a fire feature in as little as an hour.

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